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What is WordPress?

WordPress is a free, open-source platform designed to allow designers and developers extend on it’s modular architecture. It was created in such a way to allow the creation of custom “themes” and functionality geared directly towards you and your business. The WordPress community has grown in such a way that many developers have developed “free,” ready-to-use themes that you can simply “plug in” to your website and instantly begin adding content.

WordPress is an amazing beast. It is typically used for informational/brochure or blog web sites. All of my personal sites are built in WordPress (just like this one here) and it is by far the easiest and fastest way to maintain and update the information on your website.

How will I benefit from having a web site built on WordPress?

Most simply, the primary reason to use WordPress is so YOU can publish and maintain your own content quickly and with a minimal learning curve. If you can type a letter in Microsoft Word, you can update your website with WordPress.”

Clients will have instant access to a “Management” site or “Administration” panel that gives you the ability to change every aspect of your website content from adding articles and/or content, adding new pages or updating existing pages, as well as the self-ability to add pictures, photo galleries, video and more.

WordPress is free and I’ve seen free “themes” … what am I paying for?

The drawback in using a “free” or “ready-to-use” theme is that you are getting a “cookie-cutter” template that ultimately will not satisfy the needs of your business. Additionally, because WordPress was built on the idea of “blogging, ” many of these “free” themes are built to function only as blogs and are extremely limited on how they can be customized. Once you start trying to “tweak” things to make it your own … you’ll soon realize why these themes are free …

By using a designer and/or developer, you will get a completely customized solution guaranteed to fit the needs of your business. You will also receive the necessary training in how to complete manage the content of your website using the WordPress Administration functionality.

Extending your WordPress site.

WordPress is also popular for its massive plug-in community. If you need specific functionality for anything including commenting, message boards, social media integration (including Facebook and Twitter), and even light eCommerce, WordPress can do it! Should you ever decide you need to extend the functionality of your site, we can discuss options, upgrades, enhancements, etc.

If you’re still not convinced, here are a few more things to keep in mind:

And if you are really concerned, should anything happen to me and/or Dreamchaser Design, there are more than enough WordPress developers readily available who could overtake your project without much hassle.

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