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Miva Merchant Features.

The eCommerce store of your dreams.

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Build A Thriving Online Store

There should be an ecommerce solution that is flexible, reliable, expandable and easy to use. A shopping cart with comprehensive features that are easy to use for new online businesses, yet powerful enough for the most demanding e-commerce expert.

Miva Merchant is the solution

Taking your online business to the next level is easy when you use Miva Merchant shopping cart software because your online store will have unlimited potential with unprecedented power, flexibility and ease of use. Miva Merchant eCommerce software is designed for success and provides you with access to all the tools you need to develop, maintain, and grow a thriving online store.

Expandable Shopping Cart Software

Merchants who use Miva Merchant enjoy a significant advantage over their competition by leveraging an expandable shopping cart solution that grows with them. Adding new functionality to your store is easy with modules and apps for every feature you dream about while processing, shipping & packing orders. Gone are the worries of outgrowing your shopping cart or looking to migrate away from transaction fees as part of your online store because Miva Merchant shopping cart software gives you unlimited design power and you never pay a percentage of sales like some other eCommerce hosting solutions.

Powerful Store Design Tools

Easy-to-Use Administration Tools

Built-In Functionality

Catalog Management

Inventory and Merchandising

Customer Management

Affiliate Programs

Order Processing

Localization Settings

Logging and Analytics

Shipping Calculation and Payment Processing

Data Access

Modular Architecture

Store Access and Maintenance

*The Miva Merchant features listed here reflect only some of the features that come built into the Miva Merchant software when purchased directly from Miva Merchant. There are MANY features not listed here. Future feature lists will be posted in our blog … Seriously though … Miva Merchant can do almost anything … I’ve made some miracles happen … just ask my clients!

Web Services

More Information

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