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Increase: Traffic, Sales, Profits

If you don’t know how important search engine ranking is, you need to know. You can have the best looking, most functional website in your industry … but what’s the point if no one can find you when they search?

Dreamchaser Design can help optimize your website for organic (natural) search engine optimization and search engine marketing as well as Google Adwords Campaigns and link building strategies to help improve your search engine listings.

We can perform a full SEO audit of your website and offer you a full report containing areas of improvement. Often, we find instances of missing information that should be filled with natural keyword placement and fresh content.

In addition to an SEO audit, we can also offer other marketing and general site usability suggestions that might help with search engine placement and increase conversions (turning visitors into customers). We can also fix existing issues with your website source code or implement necessary SEO elements.

There are several areas and tools important to quality SEO that we can help guide you with such as:

We are happy to work with you or answer any questions that you have regarding these tools, or SEO / SEM.

It should be noted that we can not and will not guarantee top ranking for organically optimized sites. In the early days of SEO, there were a lot of companies who were sold “snake oil” in the world of SEO … The reality is, SEO and SEM is a form of marketing and essentially advertising. There are things that you should be doing that maybe you are not or there may simply be areas of SEO / SEM you don’t understand. We can help get your SEO on the right path to better results.

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